Santa Barbara Horse Veterinarian - Mission Equine Associates
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Mission Equine Associates

MissionEquineAssociates_Logo-300pxAn equine practice requires a veterinarian to listen carefully to clients and address patients as unique individuals. Our practice is based upon these principles. The information and concerns provided by our clients is taken to heart in our approach to equine healthcare. Our practice will always put forth our best in treating our patients and assisting clients in making educated decisions about current diagnostics and therapies. We appreciate all feedback, and will use this to facilitate the growth and evolution of our practice. Thank you for your support of Mission Equine.

Bruce Kuesis DVM

Dr. Kuesis received his Residency training in Internal Medicine from the University of California-Davis. Mission Equine Associates is available for Equine Internal Medicine evaluation and consultation. Our practice is well equipped and often examinations and diagnostics can be performed on site.


Mission Equine Associates specializes in the evaluation of performance associated problems. We feel that the key to optimizing equine performance and longevity is to treat each of our patients as individuals.  We will take the time to evaluate your horse thoroughly and use the most progressive diagnostic and treatment options available.


Preventative medicine is perhaps the most important aspect of any veterinary practice.  Our wellness goals are simple, to optimize your horse’s overall health and longevity.  Our wellness program is aimed at preventing common infectious disease and the early detection and treatment of equine medical conditions.


Is It An Emergency?

Horseshoe-EmrgTrying to determine if your horse’s problem or injury demands immediate attention is not always that straight forward. However, there are some simple guidelines to follow when you are considering your horse’s immediate needs.

First and foremost, if you think there is a problem and that it may be significant, then put a call into your Vet. Any kind of acute trauma that results in a deep cut or laceration or significant lameness warrants a call to the Vet.

We prefer to be called if your horse is experiencing any behavioral changes including signs of pain, incoordination, depression or changes in appetite.

Lameness that is significant and causes a horse to severely favor a limb should be reported. Any changes that may be related to a new medication or procedure are important. We also feel that it is important to report any changes in appearance or possible trauma that involve the eye.

Call 1 (805) 696-6784

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