Gait Analysis, Lameness Locator

A major challenge in equine sports medicine arises when our patients have subtle, complicated or lameness originating from more than one limb.  The main problem is that even the most experienced equine vet is limited by how frequently the eyes are able to sample a problem.  The solution to this problem lies in a new technology that assists the veterinarian in detecting and monitoring lameness in each limb.  The Lameness Locator, developed by Equinosis, is the culmination of over 18 years of academic and clinical work in equine gait and lameness analysis.

The Lameness Locator works by using highly sensitive inertial sensors that are attached to the horse.  These sensors evaluate gait asymmetry 200 times per second to the millimeter.  This information is sent wireless to a tablet PC and presents an objective evaluation to the veterinarian.  This data is more sensitive than the human eye and gives the veterinarian a reference point of the horse’s soundness for each limb.

We use the Lameness Locator in our practice as a key tool for the evaluation and diagnosis of all types of lameness.  We have found the system to be extremely valuable for the following applications:

  • Lameness diagnosis, especially subtle or complicated lameness.
  • Response to therapy.
  • Monitoring the rehabilitation of injured patients.
  • Monitoring corrective farrier and podiatric changes.
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