Equine Ophthalmology

Ophthalmic or eye problems in horses are relatively common in our practice.  Minor eye problems can range from mild irritation due to insects, allergens and airborne dust and dirt.  Trauma to the eye occurs with horses frequently.  Signs of eye trauma range from squinting, excessive tearing or drainage to changes in the color of the cornea.  Often corneal inflammation is noted by the presence of corneal  edema or a grey discoloration to the clear cornea.  Most eye problems are easily evaluated on the farm.  Eye evaluations often require the sedation of our patients and in many cases a nerve block to allow us to fully evaluate the eye.  We feel that due to the fragility of the eye and its ability to become inflamed very quickly that prompt evaluation is necessary.  If your horse is experiencing any eye problems or possible visual defects, please contact us.


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